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The Institution of Homeopaths Kerala

The institution of Homoeopaths Kerala is the India’s largest voluntary professional organization of Homoeopaths, comprising all categories of qualified Homoeopathic practitioners. Homoeopathy is at its best in Kerala when compared to all other states in India.

We also feel honored in that the IHK has been undoubtedly credited with contributing much to the development of Homoeopathy in our state.

The IHK is formed as a continuation of Homeopathic Medical Association of India. Dr, K.V. John, Dr. N. K. Jayaram, and some eminent doctors had taken part in the National Congress of HMAI held at Calcutta during the 1979-80.

Dr. Ravi M. Nair, Dr. C. J. Varghese and Dr. B. Pardhasarathi who had been studying in National Institute of Homeopathy also participated with them in the Congress....


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